Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day, Your Car Was Stolen

Today, we went over to visit my husband's parents, so they can wish Husband Happy Birthday, and we can wish his dad a Happy Father's Day. They are great people, sharp despite advanced years. They get out every day and do things. Today the thing they got to get out and do was drive us home after my husband's car was STOLEN FROM IN FRONT OF THEIR HOUSE.Yup. Stolen. Gone with the wind...whoosh. We said our good-byes to mom and dad, walk outside of their quiet, suburban, upscale home...and his car is no longer there. Stunned, we all look at the place it was parked, as though it was simply invisible, and was still there, just unseen. We actually walked into the spot, almost "feeling" for where it should be.Then we went back inside his parents' house and called the police. Report stolen '91 Nissan Stanza with 250,000 miles on it and a bad muffler. Thought the police did a good job of keeping straight faces. Husband had spent the drive over telling the kids the sources and possible repairs for the various noises the automobile emitted, and how once those repairs were done, he was certain he would be able to hit 300,000 miles with the old girl, as he patted the dashboard lovingly. He had driven this car longer than any vehicle in his life, and is reacting much like having a child kidnapped. He paces, he goes to bed, he glares at me angrily, he turns to me for comfort. He has a sad, haunted look about him that breaks my heart.


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