Monday, May 23, 2005

We Got Interviewed on TV!

Middle Son wants to raise money to repair his mother's car sooner than he can save up the money for it, because it leaks when it rains, so he has put his French fry on auction at E-Bay. Tess Koppelman, Fox 4 TV News Posted:5/23/2005 9:35:02 PM Two Thousand Dollar French Fry For Sale Blue Springs, MO - So it's not really worth two-thousand dollars, but the Lawrence family calls it "The two-thousand dollar French fry," because that's exactly what it's worth to them. A couple of weeks ago, 19 year-old Andrew had to work late at McDonalds, and he got an order of fries for the drive home. "The fry fell on the floor," Andrew explained, "so I picked it up and didn't see the stop sign there and smack right into the car." It was his mother's car and it was just a couple of days after Mothers Day. "It was the worst call, 'mom, I wrecked your car,'" he said. Mom's reaction? "Oh Andrew!," Marti Lawrence said laughing. She rushed to the accident scene and saw no one was hurt. The bad news, though, the insurance would only cover the other drivers damage. The bills for the towing, the repairs to get the car drivable again, and the final cost to fix the damage all came to two-thousand dollars. So his mother made the plaque for Andrew, featuring the two-thousand dollar French fry. "I made the plaque for him as a reminder to never take his eyes off the road," she said. Then a friend gave them an idea. "Maybe we could sell it on E-bay." So it's there now, up for bids. "Right now it's not going for much," Andrew said. Marti says her son isn't trying to skirt his responsibility, he's going to pay for the damage. But maybe some kind soul out there knows what it's like to be a teenager, and make a mistake. After all, he's learned his lesson, "don't drive through stop signs and watch where you're going on the road, that's generally a good idea," he says chuckling. And next time, hold the fries. To check out Andrew's auction, click on the link: (Note - the auction is now closed, but I saved the page as it appeared) Tess Koppelman, Fox 4 News The-didn't-raise-no-dummies-only-bad-drivers Marti


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