Wednesday, May 11, 2005

May Day, May Day, Son Has Wrecked Car

Middle Son asked if he could drive himself in to his job at McDonalds yesterday, because on Monday he had to work an hour overtime due to high volume, which also prevented him from being able to call and tell us, so we sat in the parking lot for an hour, waiting for him to get out. He left McDonalds at 7 PM last evening and headed home. He didn't make it. He is not injured (want to get that out there right away, to ease everyone's minds). He got T-boned at an intersection and the driver side of the car (MY car) is caved in from right behind the driver door (thank you God) to the rear wheel, which was shoved in so it was at a 45 degree angle when they pulled the vehicles apart. His first accident, let's put that in the scrapbook. The good news is that he is alive and unharmed.The bad news is I want to kill him. The accident was his fault. He had a stop sign, they did not. Both the driver and the passenger of the car that plowed into him said he didn't come to a complete stop. He was issued a ticket for failure to stop and has to go to court next month. (Aww, another first.) My car had to be towed and I now have to contact the insurance companies to find out what this is all going to cost him. I have to drive husband in to work and go pick him up, plus driving son to McDonalds and contacting mechanic, insurance agents, etc. Yes it IS the same car, the same side, as the door that was just repaired, previously held together with bungee cords. The dented-in area is just behind the door though, so it appears to be unaffected. When I called the auto shop guy to request an estimate he got a chuckle out of the coincidence. The makes-all-her-friends-feel-lucky Marti


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