Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Daughter Turns 16 - Poem

OK, I want to know who slipped this teenager into the little bed I left a toddler in. I mean, she can NOT be 16 already! Wasn't she just in kindergarten? She is my BABY! Ain't gonna be no more babies, mama done turned the factory into a playground! ~snort~ Anyway, I wrote her an incredibly sappy poem - Happy birthday baby girl: Today my daughter turns sixteen Much of her day, will be routine She'll go to school, she'll see her friends It's only me this time transcends I see my baby, almost grown With lipstick now, and sweet cologne From infant into womanhood Doing the things, I knew she could Through all of time, we mothers watch As time carves yet another notch We laugh, we cry, we know it's true That she'll see things we never do The cycle turns, the days slip by Passing, like blinking of an eye I do not weep, I do not mourn The aging of this child, last born I smile at her, she smiles at me I know this is how things should be To future bright, I send this dove Forever feathered with my love The-way-too-sappy-mom Marti


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