Thursday, April 21, 2005

Been to Hell and Have the Receipt

Went out to take Daughter to school this morning and discovered one tire was flat. Found a can of fix-a-flat and pumped it up to get to gas station, filled it with air to get her to school, returned to gas station for more air/more fix-a-flat. Took car up to Unnamed-Large-Chain-Retailer, stopping again for air. Filled tire with air and got in car, slammed driver's door and it popped back open. Door would not latch. Inspected latch, and discovered part has broken. Rolled window down and held door with arm hanging out, hugging door, to finish trip to U-L-C-R. U-L-C-R auto service says it will be 45 minutes. Three hours later, check in, car not in shop yet. Go to food court. Order cheeseburger and medium drink. Lady says combo with fries is cheaper, I say no thanks, I don't want any fries. She apparently has no cash register key for cheeseburger and drink but no fries, has to void several items individually, such as minus cheese slice, etc. Tire finally replaced, drive to auto body shop, hugging door to keep it shut. Auto body man has good laugh. Tells me I need new door hinges and latches. Laughs some more, says Nissan does not make Sentra replacement hinges. Says Nissan recommends replacing entire door and front quarter panel. I am not amused, or even sure if he is joking. Kindly auto body man takes pity on me, says he may be able to jerry-rig something. Sits at desk and does some figuring, says minimum cost will be between $200 - $300. Smiles, tells me it will take all day, and he is booked up until Monday. I take the appointment, come home, hugging door to keep it shut. Sort out papers and do double-take at lunch receipt. Please note order number. The been-to-hell-and-have-the-receipt Marti


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha! i hate that place. sorry to hear about your door, though. all those things happen at once.

5/11/2006 12:10:00 PM  

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