Saturday, February 26, 2005

Is There Anybody Out There?

Does anyone watch Joan of Arcadia? It's a very sweet show, it comes on Friday nights at 8 PM on CBS. It is one of the few shows I can get the entire family to sit down and watch together. (My daughter won't watch Carnivale with us, but my 19 year old son does). The premise is that this high school girl speaks to God. They had an open house at her high school, and all of the parents, teachers and students were mingling around, all wearing those little stick-on name tags. God always appears to Joan in the form of an ordinary person, so this little old man walks up to her to impart some words of wisdom, and his name tag said, "Avatar" LOL! It just made me giggle! The-looking-for-laughs-anywhere-I-can-get-them Marti


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