Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Pigness of it All

I am honored that my friend Pam from the Carnivale message board has chosen to name her new Guinea Pig after me (I go by Cyberpumpkin there). {{For the uninformed, Carnivale is a TV show on HBO. Wonderfully quirky}} So I am a Gawdmother to a lil' bundle o' joy. She wrote, "I set her up in a huge plastic bin. She has a hidey hut, and a hay manger, and a salt lick, and wooden chew sticks. I feed her one fruit and one vegetable twice a day. So far I have discovered that she doesn't like oranges. She loves celery tops and carrots and grapes and french bread. She has rewarded me today with recognition. I had my Mom hold her while I scooped the corners of her bin and cleaned up a little and prepared her breakfast. Then I went in and sat across from my Mom and started talking, and with the sound of my voice Pumpkin perked up and stuck her little nose in the air and was trying to sniff me out. Every time I said something she turned her head in my direction and grunt/squeeled. I have only had her for five days, and she is still getting used to it here, but at least she doesn't try to run every time I go to pick her up now." It brings tears to my eyes......they are both so sweet, I could just eat them up. But I won't, Guinea pigs have too much dark meat on them. {Thank Gawd Pamelot knows I'm kidding! LOL) The-proud-pig-gawdmother Marti


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