Thursday, January 27, 2005

Rhyme Time Hillbilly

My mother-in-law (who is an absolute angel) gave me a ton of jigsaw puzzles that she had worked, and asked me to sell them at online auction. She said, "Now I GUARANTEE that all of the pieces are here for these, and that they are in fine shape. I promise, 'cause I am a good Christian woman and I don't swear". Then she giggled like only an adorable grandmother can giggle. recently launched an auction section, and they are so much nicer and cheaper than E-Bay, that I have been listing most of my items there. (Their commercials are for, "The Big O") I have been listing items there for a couple of months (since they opened). They randomly select items to feature on their home page, and I was STUNNED to see one of my jigsaw puzzles highlighted there today! Of the hundreds of thousands of listings, mine, which includes a little song parody about my darling mother-in-law having so many jigsaw puzzles (to the Beverly Hillbillies theme, "The Ballad of Jed Clampett"), was selected! The Ballad of Puz Rampant Come and listen to my story of my dear mother-in-law, A sweet puzzler, she has lots of them, jigsaw, And then one day, she was puttin' one away, But the closet was so full, that the box just wouldn't stay! Hmmmm, she said, "Gotta go! Selling spree!" Well the first thing you know, she told me of her issue, And she said, "Help! What is there to do?" I said, "Don't you worry, our solution's Overstock, We will put them up for sale, at their online auction block!" Great, they are, All the pieces! Guar-O-tee! Well now it's time for you to come and gaze at what we've got, You won't be disappointed when you look at what you've bought. They're all a pretty picture, and the pieces are all there, We promise - 'cause she's so sweet that she doesn't ever swear! Ornaments too. Pretty ones. Hallmark Keepsake. Y'all come back now, y'hear? The-rhymin'-and-dime-in'-her-way-to-auction-success Marti


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